Professional Imaging Network (PIN) is a mobile diagnostic-ultrasound and x-ray services provider servicing Southern California. Since 1999, PIN has provided efficient, accurate, & highly customized services for Hospitals, Private Practices & medical groups, Home Health Agencies, Convalescent homes, Board & Care facilities, retirement homes, & even individual patients. With state of the art equipment, distinguished radiologists, & certified technicians, PIN is capable of providing the highest caliber service for your patients.

In-Office Ultrasound

High frequency sound waves travel from the ultrasound probe through human tissue. Some of the sound waves bounce back to the transducer. This reflected sound is used by a computer…

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Mobile Ultrasound

We provide mobile ultrasound services for patients at long-term care and healthcare facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals and patients under home care and hospice agencies care. Our mobile services meet ideal for…

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Mobile X-RAY

Our company offers Portable X-Ray Services 7 days a week. Continuous response eliminates patients’ stress associated with travel to outside health facilities. We understand that fast respond time can be…

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“We Bring Convenience”


So I had prescription from my doctor to check my heart. Mu doctor found lil heart murmur and just to make sure she told me to to EKG and Echocardiogram. Honestly I called probably 10-15 places and no one scans heart!!!! Aaaand finally I found Professional Imaging Network. Super friendly and nice staff; however, very straight forward, professional and fast. Which is very important. Echocardiogram was around 15-20 minus. No pain. No discomfort. Only positive experience. Woman who was scanning my heart (I forgot her name) was very nice. Plus Anastasia was very welcoming and polite. We had lil chat before which made me more relaxed and calm. Overall 100 out 100. Def would suggest this place.

Leonardo C.

Few years ago my doctor recommended me check my breast every year. So I do breast ultrasound regularly. I have tried different facilities and had different experiences with them. Professional Imaging Network impressed me enough to write 5 star review. They are very friendly, prices are very fair. Lady, who did my ultrasound seemed very confident in what she is doing. I was worried about my results, so I asked front desk girl to let me know as soon as results are ready. She called me in 2 days and said that my Doctor has already received my report. Awesome customer service, nice people! Good job!
Highly recommend!

Amanda S.


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